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Two ply is what we usually always use. We order them for our own personal use at home and they last a very long time. We will be continue to buy these to serve our restrooms.

Haha, such a funny ad with a bear! These rolls fit my Kimberly Clark double roll dispenser perfectly. Clear Filters Filters Cancel. It has a smooth feel and every roll last you a long time. Commercial Refrigeration Shop All.

Because we deal with a lot of customers, we needed a cheaper option and this was it! This is two ply and does a good job and has alot of footage per roll. The guys at my shop heard about the savings I was getting with webstaurantstore. The ply itself is thin and rips really easily. By avoiding the topic of the actual use of toilet paper, yoga dating website the Charmin Lady ad campaign succeeded in a time when competitors were marketing toilet paper as a medicinal product.


So glad to come across these and at a great price too! Don't know where to start? These toilet paper rolls fit great in many various dispensers. Toilet Paper Dispenser Guide. The Charmin toilet paper ad pictured here uses a metaphor for using the bathroom with a contractual agreement.

Commercial Toilet Paper is Essential for Any Public Restroom
10 American Commercials Starring British Faces and Voices

The customers on the left did it, and you can too! That certainly hits the spot without it even mentioning toilet, toilet bowl, toilet paper or potty in the same sentence. Restaurant Equipment Shop All. The wrapping on our individually-wrapped styles provides a sanitary covering that indicates if the roll has been tampered with, dating making it popular in hotel settings. Frequently Purchased Together.

Commercial Bulk Toilet Paper

Lavex Janitorial 2-Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll with 9 Diameter - 12/Case

Made me think of the Lambi toilet paper ad where they demonstrated the suction of the paper by using a lamb. We have it on auto reorder and would recommend to others. We have been using it for a year and do not contemplate the idea of switching to another product. Tackle the topic head on, besides its a natural function everybody has paperwork to do unless you make use of a bidet.

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Please keep us up to date like this. What else can you ask for? It's not a problem on either account, and we find that it's very cheap for us too. Charmin does have some of the best commercials when it comes to toilet paper, besides the Cottonelle puppy ones.

Commercial Toilet Tissue

Commercial Toilet Paper and Toilet Tissue
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  • It is an interesting challenge to discuss toilet paper on national television, without being accused of having a potty mouth.
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Toilet Paper Commercials

We purchased the double dispensers to go with it. It was far from offensive. Restaurant Dinnerware Shop All. We would like to use cookies and identify general user data to give you a better experience on our website. This tissue is strong and really great for the price.

Lavex Janitorial 2-Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll with 9 Diameter - 12/Case

Using brand names and spokespersons, like Mr. When you're buying things to flush it down the toilet, christian couples dating devotional these are the best bang for the buck. What do you think of this page?

  1. Whipple, and the Charmin bears.
  2. It also works well with the lavex stainless steel toilet paper dispenser we purchased.
  3. The Charmin branding eventually evolved to include babies, the well-known Mr.

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Commercial toilet paper

Standard rolls are also popular at hotels because they typically provide your guests with enough supply for their stay. Get paid to review this product! We have accidently ordered one ply toilet paper, big mistake. These rolls fit perfectly on our paper dispensers in our restrooms, they come individually wrapped in what seemed like hard plastic which allows for them to not be torn prior to use. These save you so much money when you compare to others offered by distributors and stores.

This toilet paper has surpassed their matching expectancy at a third of the cost! Not only does it serve it's purpose, best it is cheap as well! This toilet paper works great for customers and our plumbing.

Jumbo rolls are perfect for high-volume establishments, while standard rolls are suitable for hotel rooms because they fit regular toilet paper dispensers. Explore our selection of commercial bulk toilet paper and toilet tissue to find the most cost-effective options for your business. Some people may find toilet paper a challenging topic to discuss. If you're wondering where to buy commercial toilet paper and toilet tissue, we have a large selection of commercial toilet paper and toilet tissue for sale at the lowest prices. Over the years we have expanded our selection of wholesale supplies and commercial equipment to include healthcare, educational, and hotel supplies.

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